Tatton Park Weekend - 23-24 September 2006

A Celebration of Bonsai - Weekend exhibition and "An Introduction to Bonsai" workshop

At the RHS Show at Tatton Park in 2005, we were asked by Tatton Park's events team to take part in their Japanese week by showing some of our trees in the Mansion. This created so much interest that the Events Team asked if we would put on a Bonsai Weekend in 2006 as part of their adult education programme.

We agreed, but when we started planning we realised what a mammoth task we had taken on. Major trees were to be displayed in strategic places around the Mansion. In the barn, we planned a full room of information, education and photographs, together with trees showing various stages of development. A second room was to be devoted to a full day course on the art of growing Bonsai, and the balcony to hold a display of over 30 trees with a sales area of trees, pots and related equipment.

The afternoon of the 22 September found us loading trees into several vehicles and having arrived at Tatton Park, following the last visitors round the Mansion, putting the display trees in place as the rooms were vacated. The security staff then followed us! Then it was off to the Barns to set up all we could that night with an early start envisaged for the morning to be ready for opening at 10 am.

The public appeared very appreciative of our efforts, with Simon receiving great acclaim from the students on his basic Introduction to Bonsai course.

We have been invited to repeat the weekend in 2007 so, if you are interested, watch this space!

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