Tatton Park Weekend - 22-23 September 2007

A Celebration of Bonsai - Weekend exhibition and "An Introduction to Bonsai" workshop

For the second year we were asked to bring our trees to display in the Mansion and hold an exhibition and "Introduction to Bonsai Workshop" in the Barns.

As last year, on the Friday late afternoon, we had to deliver the trees to the Mansion within the time-frame of Tatton Park's security system and after the last of the public had entered - quite a task with over 20, mainly large, trees involved. We didn't need to put the trees in place as that was to be done early the next morning. The rest of the trees were unloaded at the Barns, plus many items for the information room and the workshop. We organised as much as we could in the time left before the gates closed.

Next morning, two or three members sorted out the trees in the Mansion, with several others in the Barns setting up the display on the balcony, the information room and the room in which the workshop was to be held. This was run by our Chairman and eleven people had signed up. It included a general talk about Bonsai, a tour of the Mansion with our Vice-chairman to talk about the trees and an official guide, a workshop on displaying bonsai - an art in itself, lunch, a demonstration workshop, a tour of the Japanese Garden and a question and answer session. Feedback from the attendees was very positive - with two of them intending to join the club.

Members of the public visiting the exhibition seemed to appreciate learning a little about an art form they had not come across before, and we were able to dispel a few bonsai 'myths' for some.

The rain came to haunt us once again, on Sunday afternoon, and everyone was soaked as we repacked the cars with all the trees.

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