Previous years' programmes

Here are details of what we have done at our monthly meetings in previous years to give you an idea of the things that we do.

If you have any suggestions or would like to see a rendition of your favourite meeting next year, then please let us know.

2016 Programme

18 Jan AGM and talk by Simon Jones.  
15 Feb Re-potting workshop  
21 Mar Talk on creating bonsai from nursery stock (Simon Jones)  
18 Apr Workshop  
16 May Critique by Chris Williams  
20 Jun Guest speaker - TBC  
18 Jul Workshop  
20-24 Jul RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park  
15 Aug Members workshop on creating bonsai from nursery stock  
19 Sep Workshop  
17 Oct Talk on pot making by Colin Farrow  
21 Nov Talk by Simon Jones  
12 Dec AGM and Club social  

2015 Programme

Jan 19 AGM followed by slide show  
Feb 16 Re-potting workshop  
Mar 16 Talk on styling and caring for Azalea & Acer palmatum (Steve)  
Apr 20 Critique of members' trees  
May 18 Guest speaker - Corin Tomlinson (TBC)  
May/June - date TBA Club Show  
Jun 15 Talk on displaying trees (Simon)  
Jul 20 Workshop  
Jul 22-26 RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park  
Aug 17 Society visit  
Sep 21 Talk by Chris Williams  
Oct 19 Workshop  
Nov 16 Guest speaker - TBA  

2014 Programme

Jan 20 AGM followed by pot selection discussion (bring in trees for advice on the best type of pot for it) and pot bring and buy sale.  
Feb 17 Re-potting workshop and soil discussion  
Mar 17 Critique and workshop (Simon)  
Apr 28 Guest speaker TBC  
May 19 Critique and workshop (Chris)  
Jun 16 Pruning pines - critique and workshop on pines (Simon)  
Jul 21 Talk on larches (Steve)  
Jul 23-27 RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park  
Aug 18 Critique and workshop (Simon)  
Sep 15 Talk on Deciduous ramification (Chris)  
Oct 20 Critique  
Nov 17 Club sale of bonsai trees, pots, books, etc  
Dec Christmas Party - TBA  

2013 Programme

Jan 20 AGM & talk on watering, feeding & pot selection by Simon Jones (bring in trees for guidance on choosing the best type of pot for it)  
Feb 18 Bonsai, Chemistry and Volcanoes - talk by Matt Addie  
Mar 18 Workshop  
Apr 15 Ian Warhurst, guest speaker - topic TBC  
May 20 Auction  
Jun 12-16 Best of British Bonsai 2013 - part of Gardeners' World Live at Birmingham NEC  
Jun 17 Photographing trees - talk by Colin Farrow & opportunity to have professional photos taken of your trees  
Jul 15 Workshop  
Jul 25-28 RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park  
Aug 19 Will Baddeley, guest speaker - talk and demo on carving  
Sep 16 Grafting - talk & demo by Simon Jones  
Oct 21 Workshop  
Nov 18 Critique of members' trees by Chris Williams  

2012 Programme

Jan 16 AGM and slideshow  
Feb 20 Re-potting workshop  
Mar 19 Rock Star - planting on rock demo by Simon
Mar 25 All-day workshop by Chris Williams with individual instruction  
Apr 16 Workshop plus air-layering demo by Simon  
May 21 Society Show  
Jun 18 Critique by Simon & Chris  
Jul 16 Workshop  
Jul 18-22 RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park
Aug 20 Demo & talk by Chris Williams  
Sept 9 All-day workshop by Simon Jones with individual instruction  
Sep 17 Bonsai Lottery  
Oct 15 Workshop  
Nov 19 Group planting demo by Chris  

2011 Programme

Jan 17 AGM and demonstration by Simon Jones  
Feb 21 Re-potting workshop  
Mar 21 Interactive wiring demo by Simon, plus workshop  
Apr 18 I'm a Bonsai. Get me out of here!
May 16 Auction  
Jun 20 Workshop  
Jul 18 Workshop  
Jul 20-24 RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park
Aug 12-13 Shrewsbury Flower Show
Aug 15 Demonstration by Chris Williams
Sep 19 Demonstration and talk by Peter Warren
Oct 17 Critique by Chris Williams  
Nov 21 Right tree - Right pot. Demo by Simon  

2010 Programme

Jan 18 AGM and demonstration by Mike Humphries  
Feb 15 Re-potting workshop  
Mar 15 Critique of members' trees  
Apr 19 Demonstration on air layering and talk about broom styles by Chris Williams  
May 17 Workshop  
Jun 21 Society Show  
Jul 19 Workshop  
Jul 21-25 RHS Flower Show At Tatton Park
Aug 13-14 Shrewsbury Flower Show  
Aug 16 Bonsai from nursery stock by Simon Jones  
Sep 4-5 Pot-making weekend
Sep 20 Workshop  
Oct 18 Demonstration on landscape planting by Chris Williams  
Nov 22 Daytime workshop with Simon Temblett
Nov 22 Demonstration and talk by Simon Temblett  

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