Choosing a Pot

When selecting a pot for your bonsai tree there are a few points to consider, both aesthetically and practically.

The pot needs to be of an appropriate width and depth to accommodate the trees roots, and large enough to support the tree, but must also balance out the tree's height, spread and trunk thickness. The colour of the pot is usually chosen to complement a colour in the tree, such as the leaves, fruit or flowers, and the pot can be glazed or unglazed. There are also a variety of shapes to choose from, including round, oval, cascade or rectangular.

Oval pot
Oval pot, grey/green glaze, made by Walsall Studio Ceramics
Rectangle pot
Rectangle pot, gun metal grey glaze, made by Walsall Studio Ceramics
Cascade pot
Cascade pot, pale green glaze, made by one of our club members
Oval pot
Oval pot, unglazed with red/black oxide, made by one of our club members
Round pot
Round rivet drum pot, moss/grey glaze, made by Walsall Studio Ceramics

Some generally accepted guidelines for the choice of pots are:

  • Conifers are best suited to muted colours & unglazed pots
  • Evergreens are best suited to bright colours in unglazed pots or muted colours of glazed pots
  • Deciduous (especially flowering ones) are best suited to bright colours and glazed pots.
Shohin display

A shohin display

If displaying a number of trees, for example a shohin composition, it is a good idea to have a variety of contrasting colours and shapes of pots to enhance the display.

Our meeting on 21st November 2011 entitled "Right tree, right pot" will cover lots of important points on how to choose the best pot for your tree, along with many examples and what not to choose.

But remember that the choice of pot is ultimately yours; you are the one who gets to view the bonsai every day.

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